Meet The Team

MemberDate joinedRoleDescription
Siming Zhao Ph.D.
7/2021PISiming is an assistant professor in the department of biomedical data science and the Cancer Center at Dartmouth College. She completed her PhD from Yale University in Dr. Richard Lifton’s lab (now in Rockefeller University). She received post-doctoral training at University of Chicago, under the guidance of Drs. Matthew Stephens and Xin He. Siming has broad training in genetics, cancer biology, bioinformatics and statistical genetics.In the past, she has developed computational methods to study the genetics of cancer and other complex diseases. She has also led the analysis of several cancer whole-exome sequencing projects. She is interested in the roles of genetic variations in cancer and computational methods to translate large-scale genomic data into disease mechanisms.
Liyang Yu, M.S.
6/2022Graduate StudentLiyang Yu obtained her BS in Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University and MS in Biostatistics from Washington University in St.Louis. She is a QBS PhD student and joined the lab in May 2022. She is interested in functional genomics of human diseases and development and application of statistical genetics methods.
Jie Zhou, Ph.D.
3/2022Research ScientistJie Zhou received his Ph.D. in Statistics in 2009 from the Department of Applied Mathematics, Xidian University, China. His research focused on the statistical inference of nonlinear systems and the identification of high-dimensional biological networks. Jie joined the lab in March 2022 and is jointly supervised by Professor Jiang Gui. He is interested in developing statistical methods to decipher the patterns of DNA mutation for cancer patients.
Nick Sugiarto
9/2021Undergraduate Researcher (Joint with Xiaofeng Wang lab)Nicholas Sugiarto is currently a undergraduate senior at Dartmouth College slated to graduate June of 2023. He joined the lab in September 2021 as an undergraduate research assistant, and is currently helping to facilitate the bioinformatic analysis of organoid data.

Rotation Students

Hannah Stuart (2022 Fall, QBS program), Andrew McCray (2023 Spring, MCB program).

Past members

Michael Meng (2021-2022), part-time research assistant Jihyun Lee (2021), part-time research assistant Alisa Tvorun Dunn(2021), part-time research assistant